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  • Art Supporting Biscayne National Park and local Conservation
  • Kelly Quinn

Art Supporting Biscayne National Park and local Conservation

Thank each and every one of you for making the “Immersion” reception weekend such a wonderful time!

King and Queen OctopusesKing of the Castle and Queen of Hearts, 24"x30" Acrylic on canvas 

I’m so lucky to have you all in my life!  A huge thank you to our sponsors at Concrete Beach Brewery, and Biscayne Bay Brewing Co. for providing yummy brews and the Florida National Parks Association for the funds to purchase delicious Cuban inspired eats for the events that happened all weekend!


Gary Bremmen and Kelly Quinn at Biscayne National ParkGary Bremmen and Kelly Quinn at Biscayne National Park

I’d also like to thank Gary Bremmnen, a Park Ranger who has dedicated over 20 years of his life to conservation, education, and protecting our wild heritage! This event wouldn’t have happened without him!


Paint for the wild art class at Biscayne National ParkPaint for the Wild art class at Biscayne National Park


On Friday night we shared in the joy of creation by teaching a Paint for the Wild art class in collaboration with the Biscayne National Park Institute in the Biscayne National Park visitor center!


Paint for the Wild art class at Biscayne National ParkPaint for the Wild art class at Biscayne National Park


It was such a treat getting to guide both seasoned and beginner artists in the painting of a pop-art octopus!


Biscayne Bay Brewing Co. sponsoring brews at art class in Biscayne National ParkBiscayne Bay Brewing Co. sponsoring brews at art class in Biscayne National Park


What made the night even more awesome was the support of Biscayne Bay Brewing Co. and their team who came out to the park to bartend and donate some of their yummy brews for the event! 


Speaking to guests at "Immersion" reception in Biscayne National Park  Speaking to guests at "Immersion" reception in Biscayne National Park  


Saturday was spent sharing the beauty of Biscayne Bay through the new “Immersion” Biscayne art collection at the Dante Vascell Visitor center!


Guests viewing "Immersion" artwork at reception in Biscayne National Park   Guests viewing "Immersion" artwork at reception in Biscayne National Park   


The “Immersion” art reception was from 6pm - 9pm and featured five local non-profits organizations in education and conservation from the University of Miami Shark Tagging, Shark Allies, Shark Education, and the Florida Parks Association to the Coral Restoration Foundation


Shark Allies at "Immersion" art reception in Biscayne National Park
Shark Tagging Miami at "Immersion" art reception in Biscayne National ParkShark Tagging Miami at "Immersion" art reception in Biscayne National Park


Shark Education at "Immersion" art reception in Biscayne National ParkShark Education at "Immersion" art reception in Biscayne National Park


Coral Restoration Foundation at "Immersion" reception in Biscayne National ParkCoral Restoration Foundation at "Immersion" reception in Biscayne National Park


Guests at "Immersion" reception in Biscayne National Park Guests at "Immersion" reception in Biscayne National Park 


Biscayne National Park hosted dozens of guests for the event and featured my latest artwork throughout their gallery space, which would have never been a reality without the support of Gary Bremmen, a senior ranger at Biscayne National Park!


Concrete Beach Brewer Cris at reception in Biscayne National Park    Concrete Beach Brewer Cris at reception in Biscayne National Park w/ Blake and I  


Thank you to Conrecete beach Brewing for donating some of their delicious brews for the event and for having their brewmaster Cris out to share in the excitement and fun of the national park! 


Meeting fellow artists at reception in Biscayne National Park


I am so humbled by the amazing group of people we got to meet and share in our collective passion for nature. For this event, I wanted to focus on the impact that the arts can have on conservation. From communicating stories of conservation, uplifting science through visuals, and engaging our community in nature through community; the arts are a fundamental part of being human and have the ability to connect each of us to the wild heritage we come from.


Connecting with young artists at reception in Biscayne National Park  Connecting with young artists at reception in Biscayne National Park    


My hope is that these pieces immerse you into the watery world of Biscayne Bay and introduce you to the plucky and unique characters who call it home, so you may feel more connected to our home and care for our wild heritage! 


Family Fun fest Community Mural at Biscayne National ParkFamily Funfest Community Mural at Biscayne National Park


If we all care today, together we can protect what we love so the next generation may also get the opportunity to experience the magic that is nature. 

 Family Fun fest Community Mural at Biscayne National ParkFamily Funfest Community Mural at Biscayne National Park

Sunday was an even bigger highlight! It was Biscayne National Parks family fun fest weekend, and I had the opportunity to create a 25'x18' chalk mural with Biscayne volunteers, staff, teachers and over 250 kids!


Family Fun fest Community Mural at Biscayne National ParkFamily Funfest Community Mural at Biscayne National Park


We worked all afternoon, and together we were able to create a massive communal mural made from non-toxic chalk, that represented the combined appreciation of Biscayne National Park and the shared moment of our community coming together to celebrate nature and our wild heritage! 


Family Fun fest Community Mural at Biscayne National ParkFamily Funfest Community Mural at Biscayne National Park


Originals are now available to go to their forever homes, and limited edition prints and tees are now live in my shop for purchase, with a percent of each going towards supporting Biscayne National Park initiatives with seagrass restoration, and mangrove management! 


Family Fun fest Community Mural at Biscayne National ParkFamily Funfest Community Mural at Biscayne National Park


If you're interested in having an event like this in your community please reach out to me via email at to learn more! Thank you for your time, I appreciate you! 

Cheers, Kelly


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  • Kelly Quinn

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