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  • Freelance Artist
  • Kelly Quinn

Freelance Artist

Let's Collaborate!

Hi friends! I'm interested in working with fellow wild-minded souls who want to collaborate on graphic designs like logos, web graphics, product designs, and illustrations to do good for our community. 

Here are a few of the topics I will be covering so you can get a better feel for my work, ethics, and vision. 

  • What ethics and morals guide my design and dictate who I work with?
  • What is my vision for all projects?
  • What does my previous work and projects look like?

Please reach out to me with any questions or inquiries at or via phone at (813) 563-2785‬! I look forward to collaborating on something awesome! 



Ethics and Morals


Coral Nursery at The Florida Aquarium


I love working with fellow eco-brands and sustainably-minded business owners! I'm open to working with anyone who has a vision for a better future through design and environmentally conscious products for good. 

My work is heavily influenced by Florida living and marine life, but I'm always open to creating something new that fuses many inspirations.

I will not work with any businesses or individuals who do not care about our environment and the impact consumerism has on our planet. I'm not expecting everyone to be perfect environmental angels, but I do expect anyone I work with to at least care and put forth an effort to be more eco-friendly. 


Vision for Projects


Biscayne National Park Collection created alongside Product Designs


My vision is to make our community a better place through thoughtful and impactful designs that do good in the world.

Every project starts with a statement of intent from my potential client, sharing the inspirations behind the desired design, timeline, and the way it will be utilized. After this initial communication, which can be achieved by emailing me at, I will follow up with questions concerning the vision of the project, your budget, and the varying options for payment of design services. 

Please reach out to me with any questions or inquiries at or via phone at (813) 563-2785‬! 


Previous Work and Projects

Biscayne Heritage Artwork for Biscayne National Park

"Biscayne Heritage", Digital Illustration for Biscayne National Park


I have worked with reputable conservation and non-profit organizations like The Florida Aquarium, Biscayne National Park, and Weedon Island Preserve to create digital designs using the Adobe suite for use on products, educational material, and murals. Some quick examples of the work can be found below, but I recommend visiting my full portfolio at the link below!



The Florida Aquarium Mural Design

Immersion Mural at The Florida Aquarium

Immersion Mural at The Florida Aquarium


After the architects and designers from Event Network had created the new gift shop space at The Florida Aquarium, they left a 13'x13' ceiling viewport which hovers over guests as they enter the shop, and to either side of the checkout counters were two vertical 3'x6' windows, all perfect for three murals that would immerse guests in the experience of the aquarium. This project was created with a focus on conservation messaging by using sustainable and repurposed materials.

The Florida Aquarium Immersion Mural Porthole

The Florida Aquarium Immersion Mural Porthole


Learn more about this project on my blog >


Biscayne National Park Product Design Collection

Biscayne Heritage Tee Design for Biscayne National Park
Biscayne Heritage Tee Design for Biscayne National Park


Over the course of six months, I have collaborated with Biscayne National Park to design new illustrations and graphics for new eco-products and apparel to raise funds for their conservation initiatives. 

Biscayne National Park DesignBiscayne National Park Design


Above is an example of one of the designs used on tees, decal stickers, and mugs. All the designs shown were created in the Adobe suite using photoshop and illustrator. 


Biscayne National Park Mug
Biscayne National Park Design


Above is an example of the Biscayne Heritage Illustration modified for mugs. Designs shown were created in the Adobe suite using photoshop and illustrator. 


Weedon Island Preserve Tee Design for 8K Race

Weedon Island Trail Run 8K Design
Weedon Island Trail Run 8K Design


In 2018, I was commissioned by the Friends of Weedon Island Preserve to create a logo and graphic for their annual Gopher Weedon Trail Run. The graphic shown above was used on tees, marketing material and as a web asset to promote the event, which raises funds for Weedon Island Preserves conservation initiatives.  

Weedon Island Trail Run 8K DesignWeedon Island Trail Run 8K Design


The Logo above was the 2018 and 2019 Weedon Island Gopher Trail Run promotional design for stickers, tees, and marketing, helping the preserve raise funds for their initiatives.


Please reach out to me with any questions or inquiries at or via phone at (813) 563-2785‬! I look forward to collaborating on something awesome! 


  • Kelly Quinn

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  • Feb 21, 2020

    I do love you art, especially that of Biscayne. I volunteer at both Biscayne and Everglades and am a Miami native. I’ve done many tours as a paddle and Interp guide for the parks. I find my and others version of art is always an interpretation of reality more than fantasy. What I mean by that is I were a freelance collaborator, I would suggest taking photos of the real thing in real time, and then take that image and elaborate on it. For instance, I’ve seen crocodiles hunt birds along the shoreline of East cape Sable. Take a photo of that event and use your technique to present it on a cup, shirt, poster, etc…Use your colors and techniques to present the reality of the event. If I was that good of an artist I’d would try it myself.

    — Michael Cugno

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