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Wild News

Art Reveal: "The Mission"

Art Reveal:

"The Mission" - Panoramic for The Florida Aquarium, 11ft x 4ft Acrylic on Canvas


 These works are a window into the world of Florida’s iconic marine life and is meant to epitomize the mission of the Florida Aquarium; which is to entertain, educate and inspire stewardship for our natural environment, and to protect and restore our Blue Planet. Inspired by The Florida Keys, “The Mission” collection currently hangs in the Florida Aquarium's conference room, and acts as a visual reminder for the staff and volunteers as to why they are committed to saving Florida’s disappearing Coast and endangered marine life.

  • The collection includes an 11ft x 4ft panoramic made up of three separate canvases and one stand-alone vertical 3ft x 4ft canvas, all representing endangered and threatened marine life living on Florida’s coast.
  • The panoramic portion of this commission is the largest piece I have worked on to date, consisting of over 120 hours of painting, and days of research on Florida’s Great Barrier Reef, all completed in a three-month timespan.
  • The size of the collection was very important, because the viewer needed to feel as if they were surrounded by the reef, integrated with it, and truly experiencing the rush of standing next to a life sized Octopus, Eel, Sea Turtle and Sand Tiger Shark.


Panoramic Hung



  • The Florida Aquarium’s dedication to their mission was the initial inspiration for the collection, but it quickly grew into a need to tell the story of our disappearing Great Florida Barrier Reef, the only living reef in the continental United States.
  • The final characters to be painted were based off of The Aquariums most charismatic animals; Flip the Green Sea Turtle, Missy the Sand Tiger Shark, Scylla the Octopus, and the Moray Eel couple who live alongside them. 

Sand Tiger - Missy

Sand Tiger Shark

"Representing these animals and their home; Florida’s Great Barrier Reef, was crucial because they represent one story in Florida’s history, and this story is quickly disappearing."


The Animals and The Art:

Moray Eels

"Moray Eels", 36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas

The moray eels, who are peeking out from their home to witness the arrival of an age old nomad, The Green Sea Turtle. Often found as couples, the Moray Eels acts as a clean-up crew for the reef and it’s an amazing experience meeting these curious residents when scuba diving! 


Green Sea Turtle

"Green Sea Turtle", 36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas

The focus in the central portion of the panoramic is obviously the Sea Turtle, but the key element that needed to be emphasized is the forest of Staghorn Coral that is flourishing throughout the artwork, representing a time when Florida coral reefs teemed with this now highly endangered coral. Currently The Florida Aquarium and The Coral Restoration Foundation are working together to raise Coral in gardens and “Plant” them in the wild to regrow damaged reefs!


Common Octopus

"Common Octopus", 36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas

With her wild red colors and swirling tentacles, the intriguing Common Octopus completes the panoramic, and inspires a feeling of joy in her movements. With an artistic focus on color, light, and movement, the panoramic represents a pristine and healthy Florida coral environment. With these elements, the collection shares the grandeur of this unique environment and tells the collective story of the reef, in order to preserve and convey its true impression and character.

 Sand Tiger Shark

"Sand Tiger Shark", 36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas 

Separate, but a key character in “The Mission” is the mystifying Sand Tiger Shark. Missy, the shark who inspired this piece, has captivated me since day one at the Aquarium. Feeling a draw to her, she needed to be represented in the most vibrant way possible, with lots of color and a focus on connecting the viewer to her soul through capturing the audience with her eyes. I didn’t want her to look like other common portraits of sharks where they seem mindless, ferocious and almost lifeless. She needed to feel as if she was breathing and looking at you intelligently, reflecting the true character of these beautiful and quite gentle animals.


Sand Tiger Shark


Together with the Florida Aquarium, we support the preservation of Wild Florida and the organizations dedicated to educating and protecting our shared heritage in order to defend endangered species like Sea Turtles, preserve historical land and coastline found nowhere else, and to cultivate an even healthier Florida economy based on eco-tourism. We need your help, you who love Florida and her beautiful coast, to keep our paradise clean, safe and preserved so generations to come can enjoy America’s paradise.

  • With the purchase of any "The Mission" collection print, a percentage of the profits will immediately be donated to the Florida Aquarium and help fund initiatives like the Coral Restoration Project in the Keys.
  • To learn more about available prints, please visit the Gallery. Artwork is available as a collection, or as an individual piece.

Thanks for reading! 


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Art Reveal: "Meeting of the Queens"

Art Reveal:

"Meeting of the Queens," 15" x 30" acrylic on canvas

Three iconic reef fish found in Florida! The "Queens" are the Angelfish, Parrotfish, and Triggerfish (Left to right), and all wear their own variation of a crown, although the Angelfish(left) has the most noticeable ;) . Our coral reef, The Great Florida Barrier Reef, is the perfect habitat to find these Queens all in one place, with each responsible for grooming and maintaining different places on the reef. 

The Great Florida Barrier Reef is the only living coral reef found in the Continental United States. It has protected Florida from eroding away for nearly 10,000 years, but today it is experiencing massive "Bleaching" events. This disease is primarily caused by dramatic shifts in water temperature, which causes the the algae that live in the coral (Which gives coral its vibrant color) to be expelled, leaving the coral barren white, sick, and susceptible to further disease or death.

Here's an Info-graph on Coral bleaching below (Created and distributed by NOAA):

This environment supports nearly 25% of life in the ocean, and ours (the Florida Barrier Reef) is the third largest in the world! It not only supports an abundance of natural life, but our nearly $5 billion dollar fishing and recreational industries as well, which creates thousands of jobs and stimulates Florida's economy. Why I'm writing this is to educate anyone who will listen on the importance Florida's environment has in our lives and our planet. All I ask is that we each pick up after ourselves when on the beach, or grab one piece of trash if we can. Every hand helps in saving our ocean, and I want to work with as many people as I can who also believe in protecting Wild Florida. 

Please feel free to use the comments section to tell me your thoughts! If you have questions, want to collaborate with me, or just want to reach out please contact me in any of these ways:

  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Phone: (813)-309-9663

-Thanks for reading!




To learn more about Bleaching and coral reefs check these Links out!

NOAA information:

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Art Reveal: "Sea Garden"

Art Reveal:

Excited to unveil "Sea Garden", a commissioned acrylic on canvas painting for one of my amazing collectors!
"Sea Garden" 24" x 36" acrylic on canvas
"Sea Garden" 24" x 36" acrylic on canvas
Coral Reefs are the gardens of the ocean, filled with movement, color, and an abundance of life found no where else in the world. They make up less than 2% of the ocean floor yet are home to nearly 25% of marine life, acting as nurseries and places of safety for the oceans nomads. Along with their ecological importance to the health of our oceans, they support a $172 billion dollar industry; providing food, protection of shorelines, jobs based on tourism, and even advances in medicines.
Our planet has already lost nearly 50% of her coral reefs to bleaching, pollution, and habitat destruction, but there is still time to salvage these gardens. Organizations like the Coral Restoration Foundation are leading the way to recovery by growing endangered corals in underwater "green houses" and bringing whole reef systems back to life! Talk about the ultimate gardeners! :)
But they, like many other conservation organizations need our help to spread awareness on this issue, or we risk losing them forever. So please share with your friends if you think coral reefs deserve to be protected and let me know what you think! Thank you for taking the time to read friends, you all are awesome!

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