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  • Art Supporting Shark Conservation!
  • Kelly Quinn

Art Supporting Shark Conservation!

Art Supporting Sharks at Shark Con

Hi fellow nature advocates! Here's a quick read that highlights our shark loving community and how art can be used to connect people to larger topics of conservation in a fun and expressive way!

Kelly Quinn and Original Artwork_TheDepths

What is SharkCon?

SharkCon is an annual celebration of sharks that is held every year at the Tampa Fair Grounds in partnership with The Florida Aquarium! It was so fun collaborating with passionate shark advocates from across the States, and together, we painted a communal artwork titled "The Depths"! (shown above)

The Art Experience

Art speaks to people on a level that's ancient. The act of making art is both soothing and exciting, and opens your mind to new perspectives, allowing you to express yourself and connect with the subject or object you are creating. In our case, it was an Endangered species of Shark called the Great Hammerhead!
Live Painting


 Sharks, like the Great Hammerhead, have been swimming in the world’s oceans for more than 400 million years, but today, their populations across the world are declining. Every year we lose more than 100 million sharks to shark fin soup, cosmetics, and supplements that have been proven by science to have no health benefits. These activities are putting some of our favorite shark species - like the Great Hammerhead - in danger of extinction! Connecting ourselves with the threats facing sharks was one aspect of this "Live Painting Experience", but there was another element of appreciation involved. To share the grace of a wonderful animal that many may never get to see up close, and together appreciating what nature created, is a humbling experience. Getting to bring it to life, makes the animal and these topics all the more real.

Painting with Kids

The Mission

Everyone who felt the creative itch grabbed a brush and joined in on the fun! To see so many take the opportunity to leave a positive mark, their own, on the painting (everyone even signed the back! ) was an inspiring experience. With every brushstroke, each blossoming artist was also supporting an organization that is dedicated to protecting sharks! After two days of painting alongside kids and adults, "The Depths", estimated at $2,000 once completed, was donated for auction with 100% of the final auction proceeds going to the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance (NECWA) to support their Basking Shark and Sunfish research!



It's refreshing to see a community of people so passionate and dedicated to protecting our wild heritage and even more moving to see them give a voice to these animals through their actions, stories, and talents. 

Here's a bit more about the Non-profit NECWA:

The New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance (NECWA) is a non-profit environmental organization based in southeastern Massachusetts. This small group is an all-volunteer organization that is dedicated to the protection and conservation of marine wildlife that live and feed in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Maine!
  • Research projects include the New England Basking Shark and Ocean Sunfish Project! 
  • What's even more amazing is since NECWA is an all-volunteer nonprofit, that means 100% of all donations goes back into the work they do on behalf of marine wildlife.
You can learn more about their work at

Become a Patron of Nature

Our community believes art can be a powerful way to support science, and if you agree, you can help support more conservation projects like this Live Painting Auction, through patronage. It's easy to become a patron; from collecting cool tees, mugs, and stickers to fine art, there's something for every seafaring soul concerned with sustainability. If you're interested in the original "The Depths" artwork, the piece is now up for auction until Sunday, August 4th!

Here are a few collections that support our mission to connect the arts and sciences in our community if you would be interested in learning more and becoming a patron of conservation!

  • All products are made sustainably and with eco-friendly materials like 100% cotton.
  • Enjoy exploring, we're very proud of these new collections and strive to leave our planet better than we found it!

Shark Love Mug - $18

Learn more

Mugs Supporting Conservation

Blue Dynamite Canvas Poster - $35

Learn more

Shark Canvas Poster_ Supporting Conservation

Great & Wild 100% Cotton Tee Unisex- $30

Learn More

Great and Wild Tank

Have a beautiful day, friends! 



  • Kelly Quinn

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